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12.03.2023 / 19:03

🤔 BTC Dump Transferred

Mt.Gox has turned on the online submission feature to give back Bitcoins frozen in 2014. The exchange has a total of 137k BTC (~$2.7 billion) to give away.

The form will be open until January 10 after which Mt.Gox promises to return bitcoins to customers. Recall that the BTC price was around $1000 at the time of the scam.

07.10.2022 / 17:10

⚡️Visa is partnering with FTX to offer cryptocurrency debit cards in 40 countries

Amid the ongoing bear market, VISA is taking risks and betting that investors will continue to use their assets for everyday purchases.

According to an Oct. 7 CNBC report, the world's largest payments network is teaming up with global cryptocurrency exchange FTX to roll out debit card services in 40 different countries, with a particular focus on Latin America, Asia and Europe. According to Visa's CFO, the move will allow customers to spend digital currencies without transferring them from the exchange, as with any bank account.

07.10.2022 / 15:10

Cryptomus News:

‼️The BSC network resumed Bottom line: ▪️Hacker managed to take out about $100 million of a potential $500-$700 million ▪️The vulnerability was in a bridge between BEP-2 and BEP-20. ▪️The hacker exploited the vulnerability, which resulted in extra BNB.…

🫣 In any unclear situation - stop the blockchain

07.10.2022 / 12:10

‼️The BSC network resumed

Bottom line:

▪️Hacker managed to take out about $100 million of a potential $500-$700 million

▪️The vulnerability was in a bridge between BEP-2 and BEP-20.

▪️The hacker exploited the vulnerability, which resulted in extra BNB. But CZ reassures everyone that users' money is safe.

07.10.2022 / 07:10

💱Central Bank of Namibia says bitcoin can be accepted as payment

The Central Bank of Namibia announced that it now includes virtual assets (VA) and virtual asset service providers (VASP).

💭 The BON also stressed in a statement in late September that while digital currencies are still not legally recognized, retailers and dealers can accept money in this form if they are willing to participate in such an exchange or trade.

06.10.2022 / 16:10

🤑 Hedge fund GoldenTree invested $5.2 million in SUSHI

The company has a total of $47 billion under management.

Overall, the token is up 14% overnight, so GoldenTree can lock in a profit 😄

06.10.2022 / 13:10

🧐 3 Celsius executives withdrew more than $50 million in cryptocurrency just before bankruptcy

According to recently released court documents, between May and June 2022, just before Celsius stopped withdrawing funds and filed for bankruptcy, 3 top Celsius executives withdrew cryptocurrency totaling $56.12 million.

Former CEO Alex Maszynski, former CSO Daniel Leon and CTO Nuke Goldstein allegedly withdrew cash in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and CEL from custody accounts.

06.10.2022 / 11:10

🤑 How to earn the first IDO in the TON ecosystem?

There's an interesting project coming up under the World Cup 2022 hype. Let's break down project metrics and possible potential 😎

▪️ Fanzee (FNZ) is a TON blockchain platform for clubs to interact with fans.

The project has attracted $2 million in investments from TONcoin.fund, Huobi Incubator, KuCoin Ventures, FS Labs and other funds. It is already obvious on which exchanges FNZ will list.

▪️ Tokenomics.

Only 5 million FNZ (0.23% of total turnover) will be sold on luchpad. Tokens will be distributed during the first month, just in time for the hype around the 2022 World Cup.

In the first month on the market will be up to 1% of supply, of which more than half is a liquidity pool. So there will NOT be pressure on the price from syd/private investors.

▪️ Terms.

— Maximum allocation: $300
— FNZ price: $0.02
— Registrations until October 7, the sale itself on October 10
— Fanzee tokens can be purchased for Toncoin

▪️ How to participate?

Create a Tonkeeper wallet on your smartphone.
2) From your phone, go to the IDO website and connect your wallet.
3) Click Apply for IDO and perform all the actions in the bot. The same bot will send you a notification if you win an allocation.
4) Follow the announcements in the Tonstarter channel.


The TON ecosystem is interested in getting the first project out on X's. Especially at the start all tokens will be at the market maker.

Plus, the release before the World Cup 2022 is an additional HYIP factor for the growth of the fan-platform token.

Of the risks - it is difficult to predict how the project will come out on the bear.

❗️The risk is entirely on you, as well as the profit.


05.10.2022 / 16:10

Forwarded From Cryptomus

🔥 Attention, here comes a new article!

Ever wondered how and where to spend your crypto? We are ready to share the options with you.

Read it here!

05.10.2022 / 13:10

🍔 McDonald’s in Lugano, Switzerland now accepts $BTC & $USDT as payment methods

The future is already here!🇨🇭

05.10.2022 / 07:10

😎 OpenSea still makes more money than other protocols.

$623 million in half a year on the mediation of the sale of pictures...

04.10.2022 / 16:10

🥊 1inch flies into MMA and gives away money + NFT

1inch Network, the top aggregator for DeFi trading, will sponsor the first-ever MMA tournament with prizes from web3. The fights will take place on Oct. 13, starting at 6 p.m.

▪️ Why?

1inch's entry into the web2 arena and the adopting of a new gambling audience speaks to the project's great potential.

Viewers will be able to win special NFTs in the form of fight highlights. And the winner will receive $5,000 in 1INCH tokens and a unique NFT belt.

Since this is the first such tournament supported by UFT, the NFTs will be of special value as well.

▪️What do we do?

Go to the website.
2) Fulfill 3 simple conditions to participate in the token drawing and NFT.
3) Watch the October 13 fights and enjoy.



04.10.2022 / 12:10

💱 Sign of a bearish trend in crypto investments

For the first time since the beginning of 2021, the rate of project funding has dropped sharply by a factor of 3 per quarter. Funds have become more careful in selecting projects, you can no longer raise $30 million by adding the prefix "meta" to the brand name.

Even funds have become more conservative with this market...

04.10.2022 / 08:10

Forecast for bears: the reversal of BTC will occur after the fall at $14k-$16k 😳

03.10.2022 / 16:10

🧑‍💻 Funko x Game of Thrones Sale

Another Funko and Game of Thrones high-speed sale. Last year's 30k packs in collaboration with Looney Tunes yielded x1.8, since this is the first collaboration with Funko for Game of Thrones, a big seller won't hurt to make SOLD OUT.

📁 Sale Details:

October 4 at 9 p.m. Kiev;
Standart Pack (5 NFTs in a box): 31,250 pieces at $10.
Premium Pack (15 NFTs in a box): 31,250 pieces at $30
Account limit: $60

Sale site
Marketplace for Sale

❗️For those who haven't participated in Funko seals before, here are some recommendations for getting the profits. After purchase you should not open the packs because closed ones are much easier to sell, they are bought up in order to knock out a figure with rarity Grail, Legendary or Royalty and after 120 days to request a physical copy of the figure. It is also recommended to merge packs closer to the night when all the flippers are out and the price becomes stable. Not financial advice, look at the situation during the sale.


03.10.2022 / 14:10

👀 Ethereum lost nearly 20% of its market capitalization after the update

As of Oct. 3, Ethereum's market capitalization was $158.23 billion, a loss of 19.22% compared to the $195.89 billion recorded on Sept. 15, when the merger officially took place. The asset lost about $37.66 billion during that period.

The merger was expected to generate more interest in Ethereum after the network officially moved to the Proof-of-Stake protocol. The upgrade is intended to make Ethereum a deflationary asset and potentially attract institutional capital. However, due to the prevailing market downturn, the initial stages of the merger fell short of expectations as the asset recorded large capital outflows.

So what's next for us?

03.10.2022 / 12:10

✔️BitMEX CEO confirmed the launch of the BMEX token by the end of the year

💬 "While we are ready to list BMEX, current market conditions are not ideal, and we want to place the token in an environment that will give it the best chance to reward you, its holders," the exchange states.

In July, the exchange postponed the launch of the token because of market conditions.

03.10.2022 / 09:10

Cryptomus News pinned a photo

03.10.2022 / 07:10

🔥Major Events in October

03.10.2022 / 07:10
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