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Open Campus ID is a Soulbound Token, a non-transferable NFT that are virtual representations of learners' online personas! Join and earn points to get your $EDU tokens!


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Open Campus ID

Empowering the next generation of lifelong learners with Proof of Education.

05.04.2024 / 12:04

Mint a free NFT from Pirate Nation

Pirate Nation is a pirate-themed game built on Arbitrum Nova. The game is currently in beta testing and development, but you can check out the demo version on their website.

A few days ago, the studio announced that they had raised $33 million in funding, with a16z and Greenoaks leading the round.

Currently, there is no direct way to access the game for free, but you can try to obtain an invitation code through raffles on their Discord or apply to the waiting list on their website and wait for an invitation.

The direct path to the game is by purchasing Founder Pirates on OpenSea, but the price of this NFT is 0.1 Eth.

Right now, you can mint their NFT for free on Manifold. The minting process takes place on the Ethereum network and costs a few dollars with low gas fees. Most likely, after the reveal, various in-game items will drop from chests, and theoretically, if you get something rare, you can flip it.

Deadline: September 28, 14:00 UTC

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25.09.2023 / 16:09

Checking AI DOGE Airdrop by KaratDAO

Congratulations to 100 winners of our campaign with AI Doge as our trusted partner! 🏆

KaratDAO is giving away a whopping 5 trillion AIDOGE tokens to the winners!


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03.06.2023 / 10:06

ZK Sync activity

KaratDAO free mint of ID card and a role. Mint here

What’s Karat Network? - A fully decentralized data network that connects Web2 to Web3. Powered by MPC and ZK technologies.

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28.05.2023 / 12:05

Introducing .Dew Name
(Reserve your name for free)

Dew Name owner can enjoy a range of exclusive privileges, including:
- Receiving extra 10% airdrop box boost in Airdrop #1;
- Enjoying continuous benefits from community sales;
- Having your personalized name displayed;
- Gaining early access to new features and launchpads.

Reserve your name here (it's FREE OF CHARGE) and you must enter a code there: qrtc2sMm

Do you remember the BLUR project and their airdrop? Here it looks like a very very similar project with a good potential airdrop!

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28.05.2023 / 10:05

Mint NFTs from Mint.fun with confirmed Airdrop

Mint.fun is an aggregator platform developed by the Context team, allowing users to collect unique digital artworks and sell them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The project has raised $19.5 million from Dragonfly, Variant, and many others VCs.

To participate:
Visit the website and prove your email;
Click on "!fundrop pass" and mint "pass" (in ETH);
Tweet and leave the link.

Check the number of points received (varies for each user, 3600 for me). In general, you can mint one NFT per day, but considering the project is on the Ethereum mainnet, it can become costly. However, with recent gas fee decreases, it might be a good opportunity to get involved.

Thoughts: Each mint grants a random number of points, which will later be converted into project tokens. If possible, it's worth claiming at least some tokens.

Deadline: 2 days!!!

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17.05.2023 / 16:05

TWS NFT Passport Free* Mint Claim
PROMO Period: until June 1, 2023
Supply: 10,000
Only one NFT for one wallet address!

Mandatory requirements to be added to the Whitelist:
(1) An active blockchain address or an active account on any of the social networks (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn).
(2) Giveaway hunters and empty blockchain addresses are not allowed.

To claim the Whitelist spot, a person must fill out this online form and provide all necessary information.
TWS Team will review your application within 2-4 days.


[1]Please note that network gas and 1$ TWS processing fee apply

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16.05.2023 / 11:05

Argent Xplorer NFTs

8 NFT drops over the next 8 weeks. Check this page for the latest updates, links and eligibility criteria for each week.
All the details - https://www.argent.xyz/blog/xplorer/

Claim Week 1 Xplorer NFT on the same page. Mint is open - you'll have one year to claim. No rush.

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16.05.2023 / 09:05

More rewards from Mysten Labs (SUI)!
Register for the auction of domain names in sui (you need to enter your email box and confirm it - sign with your wallet)

They promise a surprise!
Deadline: May 22
Link: https://suins.io/

*Promo by @raribletrading

16.05.2023 / 09:05

Welcome to the Galxe Community Missions Season 2! The total Season 2 prize pool is 15000 GAL tokens!

Galxe Community Missions S2W4
This week of Missions is only available for Galxe Passport and Discord A+ Role holders.

So, do everything that is written in the forms and fill out the forms



You need to have a Galxe passport and an A+ role in the Discord to get this OAT, see the answers in our chat @raribletradingchat
(we got 8 out of 10 correct answers from the third time, and the questions are always different).

Then you need to complete the process here (well, or start right away with this official link) https://galxe.com/Galxe/campaign/GCx57UYkub

*Promo by @raribletrading

14.05.2023 / 09:05


MASA collaborates with the L2 BASE blockchain and has been selected as one of the top projects by Binance Labs. Make sure to participate as it could lead to significant profits.

Total prize pool of the giveaway is $1,000,000 worth of project tokens.

👉 Follow the link.

👉 Enter your name and email, connect your Metamask wallet, and select the active square for 1,000,000 MASA.

👉 Choose the network in which you want to mint SBT, confirm your phone number, and claim SBT. The transaction fee on the BSC network is approximately $1.2 (and ~0.05 on the Polygon).

*Promo by @raribletrading

10.05.2023 / 09:05

Get your $100+ rewards from Alchemy!

Give $100, Get $100. Gift your friends $100 worth of Alchemy credits through email invitation or your link. Receive $100 credits for every friend who upgrades to a paid plan.

*Promo by @raribletrading

07.05.2023 / 06:05

Claim your free boxes from KEPLER

Kepler AirDropBox’s airdrop is for BNB Chain users, including PancakeSwap, MOBOX, BNX, Stargate, Seedify, STEPN, WBNB, WOM, SpaceID, SpaceID NFT, RACA, Lifeform, Ultiverse, Fusionist, Pepe, Nicho NFT, MetaApesGames, CryptoBlades, Monsterra P2E Game. Tiny World, Dypius, Alien Worlds, Era7, Biswap, Pandora, ApolloX, OpenOcean.

Here are my referral links:
BNB Chain Airdrop

*Promo by @raribletrading

30.04.2023 / 08:04

1INCH social media badge hunt!

Grab 10 Free NFTs from 1inch with a retrodrop in mind ($189M)

1inch is a distributed network for various protocols. Twitter has 1.3 million followers, literally all of them. The project itself raised $189 million of investments from top funds!

Now we can collect 10 NFTs with an airdrop in mind, ask why? They recently planned to give away $2.6M ARB to their users.

What do we have to do:
1. We connect the wallet and social networks on the site
2. Click on each NFT and complete simple tasks
3. Claim the "Gold" NFT

Everything is done simply and most importantly for free, you can take your time because the deadline is not soon

Deadline: May 11

Galxe - https://galxe.com/1inch/campaign/GCUoLUYTFk

*Promo by @raribletrading

29.04.2023 / 16:04

Rarible Trading (NFT news, drops and promos):

ID Palau (The Republic of Palau)! A Palau ID is a legal identifier that can be used for identity verification, such as identity verification with cryptocurrency exchanges (e.g. Binance, Kucoin, Gate.io, Bybit, etc.), banks*, other institutions (e.g., Airbnb)…

Just received my Palau ID!

Excited to test it out on the many cases where I need a legal ID, including KYC on exchanges, account opening, and ID checks like hotel check-ins and train tickets. It's a revolutionary program for the Web3 era that offers a government-issued ID from the comfort of your home, with both a physical ID card and a digitalized ID for connected services.

Press Like if you want to see the photo and the results of my KYC and another cases tests.

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23.04.2023 / 15:04

Rainbow is a secure Web3 crypto wallet for ETH and NFT.

Twitter has over 66k followers, including: Layerzero, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Rarible, Uniswap, Near, Gate, Opensea, TrustWallet, and others. The project team has collected $19.5 million in investments from good investors and funds.

Two hours until deadline!

Subscribe to the whitelist for browser version and Mint NFT (~$20)

#retrodrops #wallets

*Promo by @raribletrading

23.04.2023 / 14:04

The claim of free gNFT in the Linea network!

Those who make a testnet from Linea Blockchain (from Consensus, $700+ million investment) in the expectation of a retrodrop in the future.

Referral link

There is also some kind of their own airdrop of tokens, maybe!

#airdrops #linea #testnet

*Promo by @raribletrading

21.04.2023 / 09:04

We’re excited to share that the Iron Fish mainnet is LIVE!

Iron Fish is a PoW L1 chain, available to everyone across the globe. Our mission at Iron Fish is to enable all crypto users to protect their private data, via fully encrypted transactions.

- Every transaction is encrypted, validated with zero-knowledge proofs
- Anyone can host a node
- Anyone can start mining (check out our day-1 mining guide here)
- Anyone can mint fully private custom assets
- Anyone can burn or transfer assets

Usability is key to this mission; you can install Iron Fish and run a full node with just one line in the terminal:
npm install -g ironfish.

Get started with Iron Fish

#nodes #ironfish

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21.04.2023 / 06:04

Rarible Trading (NFT news, drops and promos):

Token Distribution (Sui Mainnet Launch) The next (after the Arbitrum) airdrop expected by many tokens will be a sale. The purchase permit had to be issued before April 18 by logging in to the website and filling out a form with three data of the exchanges…

You are on the allowlist!

SUI have just started sending letters to the members of the SUI discord who:
1. Participate in discord with registration before February 1, 2023
2. Filled out the form

Here is the text of the email (pay attention to the address from which it came and put it in the whitelist so as not to miss the message if it suddenly goes into spam): [email protected]

See screenshot attached for all the details. Bybit has been selected for me.

#airdrops #sui

*Promo by @raribletrading

21.04.2023 / 06:04

Ironfish starts on mainnet in 1 DAYS, 0 HOURS, 5 MINUTES

Tomorrow there will be a (?) listing of the token and the day after tomorrow there will be an airdrop to the participants of the testnets of the three phases.

You can check the number of tokens you are entitled to at https://testnet.ironfish.network/dashboard/rewards

Project tokenomics - https://ironfish.network/learn/tokenomics


*Promo by @raribletrading

19.04.2023 / 15:04
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